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Well, what an experience, in two nights with a good pair in a party atmosphere. I answered an ad on this page, where a couple wanted a mature male in order to fulfill their fantasy domonation. On the need for discretion, and after many messages, each outlining the desires of the other, which finally agreed to a meeting in Spain. The first weekend I was about to meet in fridy night, when, if it was hard then would have only daftporn time to relax. After the first hour we were always, as it had daftporn for years, which took us back to the house formerly known as planned. We knew, without debate, what we did with the scenario that we talked about our e- mails continue. M was the woman who shower me the opportunity to L if he was ready. He was more than ready, his face was red, not just Rioja. L went upstairs to see M and five minutes later collapsed. ' I told him let's go for it, is thatout at a time. Two minutes later came down with a short summer dress white, white heels and what appeared tanned legs. This proved to be his favorite, like flesh-colored stockings, L ' s. This was my being the dominator. I told L sit and watch. daftporn ' I turn around M, and show me how well you see,' was that a few times, slowly, as I commented on her appearance. 'M right up her dress to show their underwear,' a look at L and did just that. A thereafter was right in the role of submissive. told me to bend down and show his daftporn ass, who prefer thong to the side, fingers on them, then they lick in the mouth of L ' s. He sat there doing the odd comment that I let go by I could see how excited he was. M had to sit down now, so I had to remove daftporn clothing and place in the lap of L ' s. He was not allowed to touch. While she was there, having on her breasts, her thighs and pussy in ways that touch us all happy. Things were very advanced, and weeverything is very active. I had the night stick to the script that he had talked less to daftporn move, I took my cock slowly and then with two pairs of eyes on me, which really put M to close the mouth. After 5 seconds, take a look at others and the least concern, closed his lips on the end. I've always been a blow job from M, while husbands knees almost naked, was sitting with my dick in her mouth that she was only 12 inches from his face. The excitement of the night was too much. I came in her mouth, just got up and went to the bathroom. L too, and I saw how excited he was. ' I'll see how it is,' he said. Two minutes later he returned. 'She is daftporn fine, but wants me to go straight to bed,' That was the end of the night about my commitment to participate, but not for them. A The next morning, L told me that your love was all night. M was a bit shy was all he wanted at first, but said he had and if the mood was right again we can do more at night. this will be the next version.
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Jeudi 10 mai 4 10 /05 /Mai 02:15

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